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The creepiest thing is that there genuinely are parents who think that the Internet is so dangerous that they have to prevent their kids from having their own accounts, digital devices, or anything modern at all, and they have to monitor everything about their online activity (even though "kids" here are already way into their teenager years). And of course they think that their behavior should be something everyone should also do for them.

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Stop screaming "but think about the children" every time a privacy / censorship issue comes up. Seriously. Just stop.

I love how I need to append reddit / stackoverflow / ... whatever to my Google search queries to get anything useful nowadays

No one:
Absolutely not a single soul in the universe:

Microsoft: Okay because "jap" was used as a racial slur now your entire country name "Japan" is racist

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Minecraft China had word filters before and got mocked, but now Minecraft has word filters globally. I can't say anything but lmfao.

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considering to commission an original anime character design for myself :D

(Slightly) NSFW? 

He said the masturbator "was purchased for a friend".

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(Slightly) NSFW? 

The guy who bought the masturbator that got delivered to me by mistake came to retrieve his masturbator (and to return my Amazon order which got delivered to him). I wouldn't have had the courage to do this if I were the one who ordered the masturbator... But everyone came out happy.

Amazon delivered someone else's masturbator to me and now I am too embarrassed to even know if I should go and deliver to that person...

Lesson learned? Don't deal with mobility equipment providers unless necessary.

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So my wheelchair had a puncture in a tire and I called up a wheelchair store / repair shop, and they said they had to register my chair's model number and stuff and had to make me wait with a completely flat tire while they source the wheel, which would take quite some time and cost quite a bit plus labor costs and whatever. And then I just went to a bike shop and they just patched up the tiny hole I had without even charging anything.





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