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UnifiedPush support has been merged into Tusky develop branch.

What do you hate

I probably should try to get the prescription drug thing for migraines at some point...

Granted, still no userspace drivers, but at least now it seems more likely than before :)

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I can't believe NVIDIA just open-sourced their kernel modules

A short write-up on my recent endeavor with eSIMs and the creation of OpenEUICC, the open-source eSIM management application for Google-free Android ROMs

Well, in any case, I'm sure whatever he writes will be way, way better than Chris Chibnall....

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Tried out Gonic + Airsonic-refix as a self-hosted music streaming stack. Seems pretty good.

Tried out Funkwhale and decided not to go with it. A lot of features are just broken...

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