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In the next release, Shelter will be able to act as a fake camera app to provide File Shuttle feature to any app that supports invoking external camera apps to take pictures, even when they do not support Documents UI natively.

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腾讯视频明明有《魔法禁书目录》,但是却搜索不到,因为「禁书」是关键词!啊哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈,本来是欧洲历史的梗,硬是变成了天朝当代历史! 名副其实的禁书目录! 🤣

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xkcd #2042「觉得这个定理的内容是废话的人,相当于走进美术馆指着墙上一幅作品说我家小孩也能画出来的那种游客。」 🤣

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My new App is now on Google Play: Shelter, an app that leverages Work Profile to help you isolate some of your app in another profile and even completely disable them while you don't need them

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@PeterCxy Adding federation to a decent existing platform is much easier than re-creating the entire thing. Gitea seems rather promising for that. You could +1 these issues e.g.:

GitHub 居然认为 Linux 都是不支持 Emoji 的,会使用 Cumtom Elements 把所有的 Emoji 字符替换为 Google 的新版 Noto Emoji ...

解决办法: 一行 UserSctipt

customElements.define('g-emoji', class {} );

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:8091: It's 2018 and I still get shit running applications on my new HiDPI display

fork 了一个 npm 上的旧包,一大堆依赖 breaking change ,单元测试改到吐血 ... 还不如自己造个轮子,能用就行 (((

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