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Whether you like it or not, ranting about how toxic part of a community is only makes you a significant contributor to the toxicity of said community. That's why whenever I think something is not worth my time anymore, I will just quit, not making a long rant about how horrible it is. It doesn't work, and it wastes my time, and it only makes me look even worse.

打了几次草稿,放置了一个多月,终于写完了,好像放下了心头的一块大石头 …

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Vue 3 发布了!赶紧把没写完的 Vue 2 应用内存泄漏问题调试笔记翻出来写完了 😅


@liolok 大概是 Android 平台上唯一的 V 家音游?而且还有 GUMI 真是太棒了 😆

@bgme@tiaod 所说,去掉 column 也可以,因为 中的 column 类给这个元素加了一些 padding ,导致它里面 fixed menu 的宽度计算错误,设置值为 100% 但是比屏幕宽度多了 14px ,而这个 14px 的来源是 header>div.ui.grid 的负 margin 值 ... 但是为什么对于 100% 的计算会回溯到这个元素上,我就搞不懂了 😅

(复杂的 CSS 框架导致的难以调试的问题的真实案例)

@bgme 给 header> 加上一句 `width: 100%` ,两个问题就都解决了。

(响应式布局什么的,个人感觉用什么框架都不靠谱,总有地方会不符合自己的需求,然后框架的代码魔改起来会更麻烦 😅 )

Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show: Plasma Bigscreen is coming to a TV near you!

Try Plasma Bigscreen now on your Raspberry Pi 4!

the year is 2050. GTK is still preparing the move to version 4, and has collaborated with the FBI to assassinate anyone who mentions the filepicker thumbnail bug. qt stil has an open source version, but it requires you to have create an account with a valid email address and physical address, and limits applications to only containing one window.

microsoft is still "transitioning away from winforms" to the Multiversal Windows Platform, For Real You Guys, We're Doing It Platform. iOS desktop (formerly macOS) has deprecated all system widgets in favour of the cloud. google has created an artificial intelligence to randomly create and deprecate new GUI frameworks, rendering it essentially impossible for anybody but them to create android apps with "native GUIs".

the only usable framework is electron, but everybody hates it because bloat.

as people struggle to find a desktop ui framework that hasn't been bogged down into uselessness by licensing issues or lack of features, a saviour emerges from the heavens: java swing

@bgme Greasemonkey 是最早的油猴,为 Firefox 开发;Tampermonkey 是为 Chrome 开发的。Violentmonkey 是按照 Web Extension 标准开发的,两种浏览器都支持,并且在 Firefox 抛弃 XUL 之后且 Greasemonkey 还没移植到 WebExt 之前,是 Firefox 中加载 Userscript 的唯一选择

@bgme Violentmonkey 中运行是正常的,也有 zip 下载下来

@bgme 存档没成功呀,而且这个页面现在不登录看不了了 …

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