Follow 昨天知道了从 Android 10 开始可以一键关掉所有传感器,方法如下:首先开启开发者选项,然后在「系统」—「开发者选项」里找到「快捷设置开发者图块」,打开「传感器已关闭」(此处中文翻译不太准确)。此时,在快捷设置(即系统下拉菜单)里,即会出现关闭/开启传感器的选项,从此一键开关,非常方便。


Yesterday I learned how to turn off sensors on an Android phone running Android 10 or later. First, you enable developer options. Then you go to System - Developer options, choose "Quick settings developer tiles", and turn on the "Sensors Off" option. Now an option will appear in your Quick Settings menu which can switch off/on all the sensors.

Note that and cameras and microphones are considered as sensors too, and are therefore controlled by this option. Speakers, flashlights etc. are not affected.

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