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@xerz As for delivering software everyone else was doing at the time, yeah, now you know why us Amiga, Mac, and Atari refugees hate Microsoft so much, even to this day.

ZERO originality. And, zero credit. Did you notice that the "PC History" slide didn't mention Atari or Amiga, and gave Apple a mere footnote mention for the original Macintosh?

The other thing they loved to do back then was buy out companies they thought were their competition (especially in non-IBM-compatible markets!) and shelve the technology purchased. Vis-a-vis, Bars and Pipes, from Blue Ribbon Soundworks. See .

As far as that brain-washed audience is concerned, Microsoft invented everything.

The only thing Microsoft seems genuinely good at is hardware design (mice, keyboards, etc.) and development technologies (e.g., COM, ODBC, Visual Studio IDE, etc.). Everything else is basically a sham.

I remember the public humiliation MS felt when it was revealed that Azure was run mostly on Linux machines and not Windows NT (as was also the case with HotMail, another company they purchased), contradicting Microsoft's attempt at publicizing the NT platform.

Yeah, still a bit bitter after all these years. But, all I can do is shake my head and weep for the younger folks who have never lived through Microsoft's overt tyranny in the market.

@takedaiori 因为不用管理员权限而且可以自动更新?另外 chrome 几年前我记得也是这样的吧

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某网友闲逛音像店时在角落发现了一张不知吃灰多久的 Miku 专辑,就当考古送我了。回家仔细一看,找大的居然是当年 Supercell 的出道专辑,也是国内引进的第一张初音未来专辑。想当年,天才黑客 geohot 还没发现 iPhone 4 的 bootrom 有漏洞可以任意执行代码,大家在还用 FireFox 3.5 和 Gnome 2.26,没有 Systemd 也没几个人听说过 Lennart Poettering,A 站还没被政治厨占领,某逸的 B 站还不存在,《魔法禁书目录》刚开播不久,麻美学姐还有头,上网没有 HTTPS,中国大陆还能打开 Google,真是感慨万分,在网络时代,时间仅仅前进了 10 年,但昨天的事情却好像发生在 100 年年。

前几年在欧美网络上短暂出现了一种名叫 waporwave 的艺术浪潮,主题是 80 年代和 90 年代初的社会与流行文化(动画、科幻、Windows 95, etc),特别是对当年的流行乐超慢速 remix,以此怀念当年许诺的那从未到来过的「未来」,现在想想也许 10 年之后的我们也会在网络上集体怀念 90 年代末到 10 年代或 2006-2011 年。

突发奇想在桌面上用 alpine,结果遇到 networkmanager 臭名昭著的 device is strictly unmanaged 问题,纠结了老半天搞不过只好放弃(

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Year progress: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ 100.0%



买了 kensington slimblade。第一次用轨迹球🖲,好怪!

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Shelter 1.7 has been released, with Android 12 compatibility fixes. I'll be doing a bigger update later this year, but for now let's get it working on Android 12 first. The release build signed with my own signature has been uploaded to my personal F-Droid repo. For changelogs, see

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pro-tip: if you ever get a link that you don't trust, add a "+" to the end of the URL so you can be taken to the info page instead

e.g.: ->

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Seriously though, chasing uptime is cool but really not a good idea. It often hides serious boot misconfiguration. Who needs to write a boot script when the service you manually started 300 days ago is still running? Until the reboot day comes and everything explodes. Perhaps we even need to have mandatory reboot days in every month. #uptime #libreops

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