I will stop reading zhihu from now on. The suggestions mostly do not match my reality, while it is necessary to listen to others' suggestions, I need to have some formal guidelines otherwise I can always find exmples to justify whatever I do. For example, a lot people saying going abroad is great while a lot people saying staying in China is great. So what do I do? Staying in China or going abroad? There is a time that I thought I will stay in China for the rest of my life but then it passed like a distant dream. So now I think I should do things that aligns with my goal and gives me more opportunities. (My idea is whatever you choice, there is a cost, but you should choose the option with greater reward rather than choosing how to minimize your lost.)

the physical action do conveys a lot of information, if a female twists her butt and hands touching down from her throat, I do feel she's more attractive from a biological perspective

I have been complimented as a cherubic boy before ;))

So if you want to know the truth about the universe, about the meaning of life, and about your own identity, the best place to start is by observing suffering and exploring what it is.

Be particularly careful about the following four words: sacrifice, eternity, purity, redemption.


Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 这个跟夸父好像啊

Hence if you really want to understand yourself, you should not identify with your Facebook account or with the inner story of the self. Instead, you should observe the actual flow of body and mind. You will see thoughts, emotions and desires appear and disappear without much reason and without any command from you, just as different winds blow from this or that direction and mess up your hair. And just as you are not the winds, so also you are not the jumble of thoughts, emotions and desires you experience, and you are certainly not the sanitised story you tell about them with hindsight. You experience all of them, but you don’t control them, you don’t own them, and you are not them. People ask ‘Who am I?’ and expect to be told a story. The first thing you need to know about yourself, is that you are not a story.

Ultimately we should realise that we do not control our desires, or even our reactions to these desires.

The stories that provide us with meaning and identity are all fictional, but humans need to believe in them. So how to make the story feel real? It’s obvious why humans want to believe the story, but how do they actually believe? Already thousands of years ago priests and shamans discovered the answer: rituals.

好书推荐:Linux Device Drivers Development - develop customized drivers for embedded Linux
作者 John Madieu

刚才一直没搞清楚 platform driver 的注册流程,这本书大概是整个互联网上说得最清楚的。

虽然 《Linux Device Drivers(第三版)》是 LWN.net 主编 J. Corbet,内核第二号人物 Greg KH 等一线开发者亲自撰写的,必读,但是许多内容比较旧了,也缺少嵌入式应用的相关内容。

In an act of gall, I withdrew from the mathematical modeling contest. Looking back, it is an adacious move (or a mistake?)

preparing gre seem fun now. I am a punctilious person with a myopic relationship?

how to distinguish reality and fake news?

1. pay good money for it
2. if some issues seems exceptionally important to you, make the effort to read the relevant scientific literature (peer reviewed articles, books, writings)

Either I am going to ant finance to do some system development or I find trading opportunities in Singapore

Besides, I figured out that I really love workout and reading. I just read 12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson and it's great. It pulls me from nihilism right away thus I am grateful for the book and author.

There is a friend in the lab told me that there is no experience is wasted, even failed ones have meanings. I realized this is so right. I was trapped and now I am free and still I believe it's never too late to start. Life is a box of chocolates, I am taking another bite of it.

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