Intel 2020s Process Technology Roadmap 10nm+++, 3nm, 2nm, and 1.4nm for 2029 ❌

Intel 2020s Process Technology Roadmap 14nm++, 14nm+++, 14nm++++, and 14nm+++++ for 2029 ✅

There is a visable delay after I press tab close button of the Mastodon page on Firefox before the tab is actually closed, but I can't see the phenomenon on other pages.

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not even hungry really, what the fuck imma supposed to do at 11pm in a desolate village

Upgraded my server to OpenBSD 6.6. The sysupgrade(8) program works great.

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#2212 "Cell Phone Functions" 

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#2208 "Drone Fishing" 

发现了一个东方桌游 《Danmaku!!》[1],稍微看了一下规则,大概就是一个三国杀(Bang!)Like 的桌游,甚至还能自己下载打印[2]。



要升级一个内核版本还是 4.17 的 ArchLinux,现在感觉有点慌 :0520:

尝试把博客的中文字体改成了 Noto Serif SC,然而和同样是 Regular 字重的 Noto Serif 放在一起感觉 Noto Serif 明显要重 :0520:

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Windows Terminal 的预览版发布了


支持 Precision Touchpad,滚屏的速度很快很流畅

背景支持 Acrylic 透明,视觉效果非常好,但是只要焦点不在 Windows Terminal 窗口上 Acrylic 效果就消失了(估计是 Bug)



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