I'm really tired on dealing with these uncontrollable software features. Really tired.

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After upgrading to FireFox 77.0 , the extremely stupid and ugly new address bar style cannot be disabled anymore.

OpenBSD 6.7 is released.

(seems their homepage still not update)

《systemd, 10 years later: a historical and technical retrospective》

一篇讲 systemd 的雄文,系统梳理了 systemd 的诞生、发展、现状。讲述了从前 systemd 时代到后 systemd 时代的故事。systemd 从争议中诞生,现在仍然充满争议。回顾历史,有利于理解未来。



At first glance, it seems to be another thing that "ridiculous but a little bit usable". Actually I have no special feelings about such new things. However, when I saw the JSON word in the introduction, I immediately realized it was not only far from usable, but also pure garbage.

Let's take a step back, I'm not quite sure if the other things good or not, they might be useful in some circumstance. But the JSON must be the nightmare IMO.

Intel 2020s Process Technology Roadmap 10nm+++, 3nm, 2nm, and 1.4nm for 2029 ❌

Intel 2020s Process Technology Roadmap 14nm++, 14nm+++, 14nm++++, and 14nm+++++ for 2029 ✅

There is a visable delay after I press tab close button of the Mastodon page on Firefox before the tab is actually closed, but I can't see the phenomenon on other pages.

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not even hungry really, what the fuck imma supposed to do at 11pm in a desolate village
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Upgraded my server to OpenBSD 6.6. The sysupgrade(8) program works great.

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#2212 "Cell Phone Functions" 

... tazer ... fire extinguisher ... bird feeder ... toilet paper ...

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#2208 "Drone Fishing" 

Today's consumers who order their drones off the internet don't know the joy of going out in nature and returning with a drone that you caught yourself, whose angry owners you fought off with your own two hands.

发现了一个东方桌游 《Danmaku!!》[1],稍微看了一下规则,大概就是一个三国杀(Bang!)Like 的桌游,甚至还能自己下载打印[2]。


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