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At first glance, it seems to be another thing that "ridiculous but a little bit usable". Actually I have no special feelings about such new things. However, when I saw the JSON word in the introduction, I immediately realized it was not only far from usable, but also pure garbage.

Let's take a step back, I'm not quite sure if the other things good or not, they might be useful in some circumstance. But the JSON must be the nightmare IMO.

@PeterCxy 可以自己改连供吧,说起来我记得十几年前就有不少人选择改连供了

Intel 2020s Process Technology Roadmap 10nm+++, 3nm, 2nm, and 1.4nm for 2029 ❌

Intel 2020s Process Technology Roadmap 14nm++, 14nm+++, 14nm++++, and 14nm+++++ for 2029 ✅

@PeterCxy Twitter is OK, even the well-known bloat Gmail tab closes fast. Only Mastodon page, not only here but also some other instances, closes slow.

There is a visable delay after I press tab close button of the Mastodon page on Firefox before the tab is actually closed, but I can't see the phenomenon on other pages.

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not even hungry really, what the fuck imma supposed to do at 11pm in a desolate village
Show thread BSD Desktop 欢迎你 :huaji:

Upgraded my server to OpenBSD 6.6. The sysupgrade(8) program works great.

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#2212 "Cell Phone Functions" 

... tazer ... fire extinguisher ... bird feeder ... toilet paper ...

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#2208 "Drone Fishing" 

Today's consumers who order their drones off the internet don't know the joy of going out in nature and returning with a drone that you caught yourself, whose angry owners you fought off with your own two hands. 那可以推荐 AKG K450

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