We have removed the Cloudflare CDN in front of our Mastodon instance, along with the WriteFreely and Matrix instance. The media files are still distributed via Cloudflare, though.

Our WriteFreely instance at write.angry.im is now open to anyone with an account on SN.Angry.Im. Just log into the instance with your Mastodon account, set up your display name and user name, and start blogging.

We have finished migration of the database of this instance to a new server. The Mastodon program itself will be migrated at a later date, and will take much less time compared to this database migration.

Our instance has been migrated to Mastodon v3.4.0. Unfortunately, one of our storage nodes is still down, and as a result, our storage performance is still suffering. I expect this to be resolved within this week.

Fixed the issue -- it seems that the default S3 upload timeout of Mastodon is too low for our self-hosted distributed storage cluster, and an underperforming node today triggered a lot of failure. Increased the timeout for now. Note that attachments may take longer to upload until the performance of the cluster restores.

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Our Mastodon media storage seems to be broken still -- uploads fail frequently. Trying to figure out what happened.

Our media storage server experienced an unknown failure last night probably due to the remote-attached Hetzner volume. It has now been recovered.

We have finished migration and upgrade to Mastodon v3.3.0.

We have finished migration of the database server. We will proceed to migrate the main application server in the coming days.

This server is going DOWN for database migration within 30 minutes

This server is going DOWN for database migration within 2 - 3 hours.

We will upgrade to Mastodon 3.3.0 after we migrate to the new server.

We have updated to Mastodon v3.2.1, and as a change in 3.2.1 introduced stricter authorization requirements in AUTHORIZED_FETCH mode, our federation with Pawoo would probably become buggy and unstable. There's nothing we can do to fix this except urging Pawoo to migrate to a version newer than 3.0.0. We do not want our user content to be fetched by some of our blocked instances.

Our server is back running again and everything seems to be fine for now.

This instance is going DOWN for migration RIGHT NOW.

This server is going DOWN for migration within 2 hours.

We will be performing instance migration some time between the next few hours to tomorrow. Expect the instance to be down for some time during the migration process.

SN.Angry.Im has been upgraded to Mastodon v3.2.0.

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