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最近迷上了捣腾讯桌球, 中午晚上都得捣上三五盘, 无形中浪费了不少时间, 以后不玩了, 把时间用在更有意义的事情上.

推荐一个时间跟踪的应用 -- Toggl, 功能很强大, 各端都支持, 细节做得很出色

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This is an example of a revolutionary new document
format called "Plain Text". Some of the features of this format are:

* supported by every editor!
* requires no internet connection!
* editable on any device, from your phone to your TV!
* simple to backup and restore!
* compare documents with "diff"!
* search documents with "grep"!
* can be modified programaticaly using "sed" and "awk"!
* Plain-text supports every version control system out there!

Try plain-text today!

Mstdn, Tiny web-based mastodon client for your desktop, written in Electron

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An Electron-based desktop app for Mastodon that lets you use multiple accounts

上了 Mastodon 之后, 学日语有动力了...

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It seems that has only 100G of storage. So I don't need to panic before the other instance maintainers: I've got a 500G qcow2 mounted to my VM and I can add to it at any time.

玩 Mastodon 第一天最大的收货是收了很多图, 尤其是各种小姐姐 😊


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