i dont know why but all i want is things that i cant possibly have

Solving issues as I intended: research, have some general conclusion/report, find an optimal fix, make sure such problem not happening again, invest and harvest experience

Solving issues IRL:

How did i pretty much get in touch with no one given the hefty number of hours i spend on mastodon

键盘正好没电了 开始乱敲键盘 整个人就是这个状态

Poli- tics aka multiple blood suckers 

my eyes

vvv 看简介想玩 结果打开就555了 没有学上的人决定丢掉手机在床上抱着自己哭QQ


Is it {ethical, legal, correct, popular} to re-re-create derivative {unauthorized, copyrighted, self-credited} content?

xkcd 1810: Chat Systems

然后要是只用刷一条时间线就好了 只需要像僵尸一样手指上下滑动^^

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