Hey so I'm officially moving to @rya

See you there!

(just am more used to Pleroma by a lot)

kinda want to move into pleroma for a bit

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我觉得共产党毁掉了我感受快乐的能力。I’m so cynical now :ablobrollingeyes:

吃了两顿代餐粉之后大概吃了6484783顿零食吧 :0520:

>Because of various issues Invidious **must** be restarted often, at least once a day, ideally every hours.


oh boy i was the king of subtweeting and i pbly still am am i

不过那个穿ddg衣服的肯定是员工吧 我真的很可 hugutydtultohhvjttk

I swear to god if random people start talking "sECurITy" just bolt nothing would work out fine from that

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@demi 剧本一般在哪找呀 找了一圈没找到

> 18 year old ML MZT Dengist Stalinist Jucheist Anti-Imperialist Tankie Latina Trans Woman

柑橘不会写字。只会写threaded IM style quick sentences和step 1234

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You write like you spent your entire formative years posting online

unbound 好像很强诶 至少可以threading?

不知道 应该记下过 柑橘特别缺自信就是 大多数东西随便标标抄抄就完成大半 好像不用很多功夫 但是想搞好搞不错搞完整又不系统 自己预期就悬着沉着 蛮烦的

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