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这几天ssh反复连不上阿 不知道怎么办

had a huge panic attack when i accidentally set loopback to lookup DHCP and brought down EVERYTHING


微信安卓居然做了一个向系统强要核心和内存的组件 瞳孔放大

there's a matix-discord puppet? which sounds decent but pbly super heavy and not flexible at all.

a webhook bridge would actually make sense tho

all i want is to forward some important info to my channel

it's surprisingly easy to write 20 lines to do just that

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oh man how do you jump between man pages

也不想看见rust了 习惯不行 还是go糊点算法小gadget快舒服

whiskey is pbly more my drink

so much easier to chug than vodka

or smirnoff is just trash?

whatever fweujijudcsan*blackouts*

there are so many snippets in my life that i feel like i can't live without but actually dont exist like 20 minutes ago

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Happy #sysadminday, everyone.

Let's celebrate with the song of our people:

盖子是不是另一个次元的阿笠博士 每天都要被冷到

want to do some corny old meme + nsfw 

gie gie and something about zinc or something rather raunchy owo

"Musk was reportedly interested in this proposition, but on one condition: He serves as CEO not of Tesla, but of Apple entirely. “F– you,” Cook reportedly responded before immediately hanging up the call. "


How do people do lukewarm smh

Things gotta be either scorching, burning the skin off
Or freezing that brain skips beats
Won't settle with anything in between

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