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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Be nice and don't be angry (wink)
  2. Adhere to applicable laws
  3. Avoid toxicity
  4. Strictly no hate speech
  5. No pornography originating from this server
  6. Report any content you think violates our Rules and Terms of Service
  7. The full Rules and Terms of Service overrides everything stated or not stated in this summary.


Mastodon is a federated network, which means that content you can view on this instance can originate from other servers. We have absolutely no control over content that we receive from other servers other than after-the-fact deletion. We cannot be held responsible for all content visible on this instance. Any content on this instance do not represent our views in any sense. It is not feasible to review all posted content, local or federated, one-by-one manually. We rely hugely on user reports on content that is illegal / violation of the Rules for moderation.

Media content (video / audio / pictures) on this instance are served from a separate server, different from the one where text-based content (posts, non-picture profile content) are served. Therefore, media content may be subject to different laws than other parts of this instance.

This Instance

This instance (SN.Angry.Im) was created by @PeterCxy in 2017, during the rise of the Mastodon project. The admin is committed to maintaining an enjoyable decentralized socialization. Software here are upgraded regularly and the server has active off-site backups of the database. We expect nothing to break very soon.

By registering on this instance, you agree that you have read this page thoroughly, and your behavior on this instance conform to all of our rules listed below, and violations may result in removal of content, suspension or deletion of your account. You agree to give the administrator the absolute authority to interpret and revise the rules at any time in any way he deems suitable, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are updated and informed with the latest version of the Rules.

About the Admin

I am @PeterCxy, a free-software enthusiast, currently an Undergraduate student. I am also a daily Linux / BSD user, and learning to be a sysadmin.

This instance is hosted for personal hobby. It runs on a server located in Europe. The images are stored on a storage cluster spanning Europe and the US.. I also run my personal blog at https://typeblog.net.

Why join SN.Angry.Im

No particular reason, this is just yet another small Mastodon instance. However, if you love an open community with less limitations and want up-to-date software, then this might be a good choice for you. Nevertheless, you should always read the rules before joining any instance.

General Policy

Although these are not rules, this instance follows the general policy listed below. These are used to guide the creation of the Rules, and are of particular importance when dealing with something not covered in the Rules.

  • No enforcement on language / topic / scope of discussion except legality or technical issues.
  • Do not assume the general identity of people on any particular instance. We recognize that there is no such thing as "people on instance A are all B". We try to apply all rules on the account level, not instances.
  • Block as few instances / accounts as possible. Communicate before blocking.
  • Enforce as few rules on speech as legally possible.
  • Do not block foreign instances just because of speech, except illegal ones.
  • Do not block accounts / instances due to political / ideological conflicts.
  • Prioritize removal of violating content over silencing and suspension. Only silence / suspend when necessary (e.g. accounts dedicated to illegal content).
  • Enforce no more rules of our own than necessary to foreign instances that we federate with. i.e. Do not moderate content on other instances according to our own rules except those explicitly marked as applicable to federated content.


Rules marked with a (*) are applicable to federated content.

  • Content visible from this instance may originate either from this instance or from the Fediverse, which consists of thousands of other servers running software compatible with the ActivityPub protocol. Such content do not represent views or ideas of this instance and its moderators in any sense. We do not agree with everyone that are visible from this instance. We are not responsible for speech and media visible on this instance, whether it is local or remote. We can only moderate on our own server according to our own rules, but we are not able to control the entire Fediverse. Even if a server is silenced or blocked from this server, it still exists and may still be visible from other servers.
  • Accounts on this instance shall not block the administrator and/or moderators completely. At the very least, Direct Messages from the administrator shall be receivable to every user on this instance. This is to ensure that important server notices and policy updates can be made available as soon as possible to each user. After all, if you do not trust the administrator of this instance, you should probably not register here in the first place.
  • NSFW (Not-Safe-For-Work) content, in addition to rules listed in this section, are subject to rules separately listed in "Rules for NSFW Content". (*)
  • Account / instance bans do not propagate through interaction. If person A interacted with person B (boosted / replied etc.), and person B gets banned from this instance, person A may not be subject to the same punishment, unless A is also dedicated to the same purpose as B. However, any content that relates to person B will be removed from this instance upon banning, including all these interactions. When reporting content, we kindly ask you to always report the original account that posted the offending content. (*)
  • Illegal content will be removed and the offending account may be subject to suspension depending on severity. We respond to complaints on illegal contents as fast as possible. Be aware that this server is currently located in Finland, the database being in Germany, and the media server (server that handles user-uploaded pictures, videos, etc.; such content is not served from the main server) spans both Europe and the US, and the administrator, a citizen of China, is currently located physically in Canada. Laws from these regions can apply here, even if said law is not listed as one of the rules here. We try to make our rules according to applicable laws, but since we are not lawyers, if any of the rules here conflict with an applicable law, the law overrides all the rules listed here.
  • Illegal content from other instances will be removed from this instance. The offending account may be silenced or suspended according to legal requests. The moderators of the offending instance shall be contacted after the matter, and if the laws that caused the matter applicable to the offending instance and this instance are incompatible, said instance should be blocked from this instance. (*)
  • Actions from the administrator and moderator accounts, including but not limited to silencing and blocking, do not imply policy of this instance. An account can get blocked from the moderators, but not from the entire instance unless they do not conform to our rules that apply to federated content.
  • Hate speech, whether targeting a certain race, ethnicity, sex, or any group of people, will result in the account being silenced from the public timeline of this server. If such speech is deemed illegal (e.g. Nazi ideology), said account will be subject to suspension. (*)
  • Accounts that intentionally flood either the timeline or others' inbox are subject to suspension.
  • Accounts from other instances that cause flooding on this instance are subject to silencing or suspension. If more than 2 accounts on one foreign instance have been blocked for this reason and the moderator of said instance do not take any action against flooding, said instance may be blocked from this instance. (*)
  • We recommend against political discussion that causes harassment and general discomfort on this instance. Despite the name of the instance, we recommend you keep calm and polite to people that you do not agree with. Depending on the frequency and severity, accounts that are dedicated to such content may be silenced from the public timeline. If said speech contain illegal content, the account will then be suspended. Also, remember that people can simply block you even if there is no instance-level punishment.
  • Accounts on this instance, with the sole purpose of commercial promotion, can be silenced from the public timeline.
  • Accounts on this instance, that are controlled by a piece of program (i.e. bot accounts), are subject to case-by-case handling. Bots that increase the load of the server substantially, or cause spamming / breaking any of the rules, will be suspended.
  • Content that violate copyright will be removed upon request.
  • Accounts on this instance, that use a symbol of another person's account that is clearly part of said person's online identity (clearly personal usernames / avatars), whether the other account is on this instance, on some other instance in the Fediverse, or on another platform entirely, with the intention to mock or harass said person, will be suspended.

Rules for NSFW Content

All rules below, except when explicitly exempted, are equally applicable to local and federated content.

  • This instance is not focused on NSFW content. Before creating your NSFW account on this instance, please be kindly informed that there are better instances out there for such content. We do not disallow, but also do not welcome such content to originate from our instance.
  • All NSFW content other than those explicitly allowed in this section is disallowed from this instance, local or remote. Local offenders will be subject to content removal and/or account suspension, while remote offenders will be blocked individually or domain-blocked as full instances with local cached content removed.
  • Any NSFW content with regards to / depicting / alluding to minors will be removed and the account who posted the content will be suspended immediately.
  • Any NSFW content in violation of applicable laws will be removed, regardless of whether it is covered in this section or above.
  • All rules for general content on this instance apply to NSFW content before any rule in this section.
  • We shall not be held responsible for any federated NSFW content that do not originate from this instance. We can moderate and remove them from this instance, but they still live in the Fediverse. If you would like some NSFW content to be permanently removed, please contact the instance where the content originated from.
  • It is up to the moderators to decide whether a piece of content is deemed unsuitable for publication on this instance, including but not limited to the definition of different types of NSFW content.
  • Content that contain sexual cues but are not explicitly pornography (i.e. do not involve actual sexual depiction and/or nudity) is also considered "mildly NSFW", and is allowed but we recommend Content Warning to be enabled nevertheless.
  • Mild NSFW content is allowed on this instance, except when the rules and/or applicable laws explicitly disallows said content.
  • Content Warning (CW) shall be enabled on all NSFW content. Failing to do so will result in said content being removed from public timeline, and repeated offender accounts may be subject to suspension. Foreign instances that do not enforce similar policies may be silenced, suspended or media-blocked from this instance.
  • NSFW media content (pictures / video / audio) originating from this instance, with sexual depiction and/or nudity, that involve acting of a real person, for the sole purpose of pornography (i.e. without artistic value), will be removed, and repeated offenders will be subject to suspension. Federated content that violate this specific rule will be handled in a case-by-case manner.