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I am @PeterCxy, a free-software enthusiast, currently an Undergraduate student. I am also a daily Linux user, and learning to be a sysadmin.

This instance is hosted for personal hobby. It runs on a VM on an aarch64 VPS with 8 cores running ArchLinux ARM. The images are stored on another storage server located in Europe. Regular offsite backups are made by cron jobs. I also run my personal blog at https://typeblog.net (in Chinese).

This instance currently runs Mastodon v3.0.1 on ArchLinux with Docker. Everything rolls fast :) Below after the Rules section, you can have an overview on the current status of the server.


  • This is an open community, so please try to be open and loving to others. Please be kindly notified that you will certainly be banned for hate speech against any certain type of people, including but not limited to hate speech towards a certain race, a certain sex or gender, etc.
  • Please understand this is not the Dark Web. Decentralization is not synonym to hidden identity. Contact the admins if anything illegal come in here.
  • Sorry, but I'd suggest to avoid politic-sensitive content here. Actually we won't ban you just because content on politics, but please be kindly noticed that it is not the best place for these content here. (But isn't the belief 'decentralization and privacy' itself a political idea? Huh.)
  • Use Content Warning (CW) for any possible NSFW content or content that may make people uncomfortable here. BUT NO CHILD PORN ALLOWED. Please use the Report feature if you see any inappropriate content.
  • This instance is hosted on a personal server and with periodical backups. Database backups are executed on a daily basis. Nothing will break soon :)
  • I can't make any guarantee on how many registrations can this instance be open to. For now, sit back and relax.
  • Donate if you like: 17qX8PpiSCNsqAMVRHA7BWRGcREzgXaH8F (BTC)
  • After all, if you are joining this Mastodon instance, it means that you trust the administrator @PeterCxy, who set up and fully manage this instance, because thus he can block you, remove your content, view your email address etc. here. I still recommend that anyone who is able to set up his / her own instance should do it, and this is also good for the ecosystem of GNU Social / Mastodon.
  • Have fun and don't be angry :joy: